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Pantries & computer files- reorganized

Dear Les Is More: What's the best way to organize a pantry with deep shelves to make the best use of the space but, still know what you've got in there?  Thanks Andrea

Dear Andrea:

Take the measurements of the inside of the drawers and go to a home improvement store and look around at what they have. There are many products on the market now that will help you divide and conquer that space. You can also go online to the and look at what they have. If all else fails, just store sweaters in there—that is what I do with my stove.

Have an Organized Day.

Dear Les Is More: I need serious help--SERIOUS FREAKIN' HELP-- organizing all of my files on my laptop. Thanks, John

Dear John:

This takes patience on your part—you will need to open every file on your hard drive and decide if you need to keep it. Then, the files that you need most often put on your desk top with a creative name. For every column I write, I put the date and the subject in the title. For photos, I put who is in the photo (Princess Cruise with friends or Nephews at Tom’s birthday party) –the more detail the better. It’s going to take you time, but in the end beginning organized saves you time. Good Luck.

Have an Organized Day.