About Leslie Jacobs

Growing up, Leslie Jacobs’ bedroom was an organizing dream.  Her David Cassidy photos were so even, they looked like wall paper; she graduated from University of Bridgeport with a degree in Journalism and received her Master’s degree from Wesleyan in 1989.  After college, she became a photographer working for United Press International and photographed everyone from Bruce Springsteen to Henry Kissinger.  Jacobs added fundraising to her many skills and spent 10 years raising money for various non-profits.  

In the spring of 2001, she walked into her Cousin Sheila’s kitchen and opened a cabinet. Plastic Tupperware came tumbling out and Jacobs innocently asked if she could organize this for her.  Within two hours, the kitchen was organized and Sheila was explaining how Jacobs could turn her talent into a business. Twenty-four hours later Les Is More, Jacobs’ professional organizing service was born.

Jacobs lectures, writes for many major publications, and helps people and business get organized. She also created Les Mess, the only organizing game for children ages 5-12.